The Scarecrow

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright ©  October 1, 2017





There once was a scarecrow so proud

But then along came a thundercloud

He was ripped off his post

By some tornado ghost

No longer protected the farm plowed


The scarecrow’s straw was battered

The crops around him scattered

He was a helpless soul

With nowhere to go

Until he heard little feet patter


Looking up from where laid

There was a girl in braids

She had brought him to the field

To be a bird watching shield

Not wanting the scarecrow afraid


While the little girl swept the mess

Put in the wagon with bitterness

She saw the scarecrow cry

Despite his dark eyes

As she brushed straw off her dress


Then as she pulled the wagon along

She heard the birds’ cooing song

But she would pursue

See the scarecrow pull through

The farm was where he belonged


When she reached the crop line

Up ahead she saw a rainbow shine

That the scarecrow’s need

Something that she believed

Because this mishap was a sign


Then the little girl had mended

Her scarecrow, the wind apprehended

His smile had then returned

But the little girl was concerned

After all the scarecrow was her friend


There once was a scarecrow who stood

On a farm, not far from the woods

But the little girl made sure

That his straw could endure

If wind knocked him down for good