Draw Back the Curtain

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © January 17, 2017



Draw back the curtain

March to the center stage

There are no limits of age

Learn to be forever certain


You may hold some doubts

But the spotlight is prepared

A once in a lifetime to share

Before this spectator’s crowd


Step up to the microphone

Remember you belong here

Friend harbor no ounce of fear

Because you are not in it alone


There are other poets ready

To applaud the craft made

Talent too bright to ever fade

A notable performer’s ability


Now the curtain is drawn

A moment, a great encore

Passion to have lived for

Defeat somehow undergone


That poem you memorized

Becomes an author’s speech

A message prolonged to teach

One that an achiever could write


When the audience responded

With a standing ovation

You felt a sudden motivation

In this dream corresponded


After you finished reciting

Your world took a sharp turn

To the new road of lessons learn

Success that was worth fighting


But this time wasn’t the last

You’d attend this writers’ event

It was a challenge well spent

Certainty was all you asked