The Voice of America

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © June 21, 2017










Standing next to the crowd

A statue tall and proud

She survived her country’s pain

United from California to Maine

A greatness not to live without


But in midst of celebration

The birthday of their nation

A woman stood up to sing

Held the flag she was carrying

That stood for liberation


“God Bless America” was her medley

A reminder of her patriotic family

Her Grandfather told her the words

Rose above the gunfire he heard

During the war of the last century


That because of heroes so brave

America’s country had been saved

So civilians could enjoy company

Without the rule of vain enemies

In a peaceful world, well-behaved


But the woman couldn’t conceive

She resided in a world deceived

Where the flag was taken down

People who didn’t want God around

She thought How was that achieved?


Yet her Grandfather’s memory stayed

In every note, the orchestra played

She sang for the Americans she knew

From all walks of life, nationalities too

Underneath the fireworks display


Then right after the party had ended

The North Star’s light descended

A reality of her Grandfather’s sign

He had been there the whole time

The voice of America intended