Halloween Curse

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

© October 26, 2018




Autumn leaves covered the buried

Bats watched from their caves

Crows flew over the cemetery

Demons rose from their graves


Early on there was no warning

Full moon engulfed the sky

Ghosts lingered that morning

Haunted the chosen who died


It all started on Mischief Night

Jack o’ lanterns lit up the street

Keepers of this monument site

Left candy for trick or treats


Midnight too soon to fall

November rushed to begin

Out of nowhere an owl called

Phantoms laughed at their sins


Quest to take another soul

Relished in the victims’ fear

Screams heard in households

Troubled by this spook revered


Unstable chaos struck this town

Vampires’ thirsts had horrified

Witches fired their brooms abound

XXX’S written across tombs multiplied


Yikes, who could imagine anything worse?

Zombies only added to this Halloween curse