The Writer:


My name is Danielle Pasqua. Originally from Connecticut, where I grew up and attended school, I have been a North Carolina resident for seventeen years. My current job is an office position for a local non-profit. When I am not working my primary job or on my blog, poetry, or short stories, I spend time with my family and my cocker spaniel “Cady.”

I am a prolific fantasy writer. As a child, I had a great interest in Nancy Drew mysteries and the “Little House on the Prairie” novels which inspired me to want to read, write and create stories. But before all of that began, I had a great insight for learning about the stars and planets, which is the theme for my blog. At age thirteen I wrote my first novel. Though never published I still consider it a great accomplishment. I also have written hundreds of poems, which I have gathered in chapbooks or they are featured on this blog. Speaking of publications on this blog, check out my short story collection “Unfolded Truths” underneath the “short stories” tab. My goal is to have my work published.

I hope that my writing voice will be heard because I have a message to give to the world. Everybody deserves to live their dreams and love what they do, which is what my blog is all about. “My Infinite Universe” is not just a site about a woman’s fascination about the skies above, but a website to display my goals to becoming a published author. Someday I will reach that success and I hope to share it with all those, who find joy in exploring the unpredictable path of the imagination.




danielle universe



Takes you to places

You never thought

You could reach

It allows you to escape

And forever be free 

Danielle E. Pasqua

September 4,  2017