A Craftsman’s Genius

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © December 8, 2014



Sculpture a memory to last

That composes a tale of the past

Chisel all the way for days and days

A creation of life that can’t get in the way

An impression formed by all the senses

Built behind Heaven’s golden fences

Carving takes the strength of an imagination

An appearance formed with an artist’s salvation

Hewing until the bones hurt in the hand

Minting a figure that is beyond paradise to plan

Morph genius pasted on from generation to generation

A story that stands still without any hesitation

Little by little the archetype collects the dust

All of its features have been formed with detailed fuss

A configuration part of a craftsman’s genius

Representing Mars, but loving like Venus

Here we go kneading every last bit of clay

Only God can take away immoral art hell has made