An Alphabet Poem of Advice

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright May 15, 2017









Any wish you want to create

Be the first one to initiate

Cowards are fools who hesitate

Desires promises to appreciate


Eager to rise above negativity

Follow your heart with serenity

Give to your profound charity

Hold on to life with dignity


Idol those who do adhere

Judge yourself as sincere

Keep a group of real peers

Laugh without adopting fear


Modest is heaven’s design

Needless worries confined

Options made to outshine

Purposes that are refined


Quick actions remain true

Realizing the best for you

Sometimes you have no clue

Trying is all you can do


Uniqueness is a milestone

Vanish hard times you’ve known

Willingness you call your own

Xenophobia never condoned


Yet through all the obstacles faced

Zigzag your way to a happy place