Symbol of Our Ancestor’s Astronomy


Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © January 1, 2015




Symbol of hope symbol of dream

How every star in the sky is a reminder of what our life means

Emblem of the zodiac universe is part of our ancestry

Carried through generation to generation from here until infinity

Logo of every human romantic and science

Expression of the elite every God and every lion


Who says our ancestors were not that advance?

Without their knowledge we wouldn’t have a chance

Who needs the Internet and the cell phone?

We can survive without a fancy car or home

All our ancestors had were the stars

Some inventions and thousands of wars

We have more inventions and more chaos

We build on revenge and not trust


So every night when you use a star as your guide

Your ancestors are in heaven looking at you in the eye

Get rid of all the allegories of advanced technology

It’s time to accept the knowledge of our ancestor’s astronomy