An Easter Miracle

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © March 20, 2016











When I was a child, I was given a cross

And was told to protect it with care

So I kept it in a box made of stone

Never taking it out to wear


I knew I was a fool to hide it

Mom said it had been blessed

On the day when I was born

In an ivory Christening dress


One Good Friday when I was ten

I went upstairs to my room

I dusted off my cross holder

Only to see an empty tomb


The cross was not there

And I hadn’t worn it at all

I knew no one took it

So maybe it was God’s call


I opened the window

And the spring air rose

I prayed for the missing cross

That its light would transpose


Saturday, after a bike ride

I took my room apart

My mother asked me why

I told her I had a broken heart


But I wouldn’t tell her the truth

Because I knew the expense

That jewelry can be replaced

But not a cross that’s heaven sent


Easter morning, I had given up

Until the glory of God had spoken

There was the cross on my dresser

And my heart was now unbroken


I could’ve cried, but I didn’t

At an Easter miracle of hope

That Jesus was guiding me

In a cross praised by the Pope


With joy I wore that cross

To church and from that day on

Because I knew inside

That I would always be strong