The Christmas Tree Song

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © December 18, 2015









Saturday morning I decorated the Christmas tree

A task I did so I could be with my family


But in the closet where the artificial tree was kept

There was a sore sight I could not forget


The box that protected the Christmas tree was open

But despite that the branches were not broken


We all sighed with relief as we took it out

But when we did, we heard a musical sound


Down the hall we carried the tree to the living room

And we all listened to the crescendo of the tune


That’s when Christmas records were not necessary at all

Because the score from the tree made decorating a ball


It didn’t take long for the Christmas tree to be complete

Yet the rhythm from the tree kept its beat


We wanted to know what the medley was playing

And if there was message it was saying


As we all gathered as one in prayer

A harmonious family who only knew how to share


Then a voice sang from the angel on top of the tree

And a golden light was the only color our eyes could see


“When you decorate you hear the Christmas tree song”

“Understand through tough times it has been there all along”


“Even after New Year’s Day when you put it away”

“The Christmas tree song will forever stay”


Then the voice and light disappeared as if it never was

But we knew we had to thank the Lord above


That however the Christmas tree song arrived in our home

Gave us hope that we would never be alone


Those lyrics that the angel had sang made our family unique

The only hymn a Christmas tree song could ever teach