These are Lessons in Poetry

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © May 17, 2016








You may follow a form

Whether its acrostic or cascade

And a curtal sonnet can enlighten you

But with a cinquain a story is made

The Bop may be a recent hit

But a Shakespearean Sonnet reigns

While a quatrain can go on forever

And a triplet takes three lines in vain

But a triolet has lines that are repeated

And an alphabet song is hard to master

But a Haiku is above them all

While an octave and sixain follows after


Once your first draft is written

You hand it to your English teacher

She edits it with a red pen

And writes “Work on accents and meters”

But she stops you after class

And says she likes your use of words

That the rhyme and rhythm you show

Is worth someday for the world to be heard

And she whispers “These are lessons in poetry”

Just a suggestion that is here and there

And once it is polished to the tee

It will be published for millions to share