Visualizing A World of Candy

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © January 16, 2015



Of beautiful dreams

Land made of candy

Sky of gumdrops

And sugar of streams

Is it heaven?

No it’s earth

And one knows

It begins with birth

Only God knows the plan

It comes from the chocolate of sand

If only we can see the land so sweet to eat

Instead of breaking it apart with bottoms of our feet

In a world of candy

We can make everything fine and dandy

If we can only see all of its honey

Instead of wealthy and money

Then life would be good

Life would be the apples of everyone’s eyes

And drops of rainbow treats

Will fall from the sky

Instead we see the worst of appetitite

And carry it in our souls

Life isn’t what we have

  Instead of a nutrient

We turn it into foe

So next time you look at the earth

Please see heaven

We will all be made of sweets

All guaranteed

Under the same heartbeat