The Atmosphere of the Human Mind

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © September 12, 2021



There is a way to control the human mind

But sometimes it takes patience and time

Unlike the earth where mother nature rules

We can stop ourselves from being fools

There is the analyzing and decisional part

Which is made by the brain, not the heart

But sometimes our feelings may take the lead

And we must fulfill our emotional need

We may get obsessed about different things

And look forward to what the future will bring

Then at night we rest our weary minds

And clear all the clouds that control our sky

The air we absorb at night is easy to breathe

And it helps us process our worries in dreams

We end up in the subconscious zone

And thoughts that we can call our own

Our energy is then shuffling like weather

Its’ unending power keeps us together