Ice Castles

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Published in the Denver Weekly February 20-26 2015

ice castles

Outside in the cold bitter wind

Is where a palace of snow begins

Ice castles soon to glitter like a rare crystal stone

While the youthful makers are cold to the bone

Then as the sun peaks its way into the morning sky

It is then that the frozen kingdom begins to shine

As the day moves on and it becomes dark

A steady chill keeps the towers from melting apart

The ice castle lingers on through the night

Our moon keeps it protected, reflecting the castle’s opaque light

But as the next day comes and the temperature climbs

All is left is a puddle of water, that once was a building of ice

Then another winter storm will gladly come

Mother natures’ gift to create a glazed stronghold

That is made for everyone!