An Astronomical Alphabet

Astronomy is a science field that never ends

Black holes are still hard to comprehend

Comets to the ancients were demonic signs

Drones are similar, but in today’s times

Europa is a moon with a hidden ocean

Fluctuation leaves intelligence wide open

Galaxies’ red shifts cause us to go back in time

Heliosphere is what keeps our solar system in a bind

Interstellar medium is what connects the cosmos

Jupiter is a planet whose mystery may never be known

KBOs is an area of objects made of metallic rocks

Lagrange point is where satellites stay docked

Meteorites know just where to land on a planet

Nebulas’ colors cause star gazers to go fanatic

Orion is just another constellation to observe

Pulsars rotate sending messages to earth

Quasars so far away are interesting to analyze

Rockets will soon send every human to the skies

Space is not an eye sore, we see through its haze

Treasures of exoplanets are found everyday

Ultraviolet light never reaches the ground

Van Allen belts protect the world all around

White holes for time travel may be just a dream

X is a planet that some citizens still believe

Yellow is the star color code for our sun

Zenith is the horizon where science has just begun