The Stolen Jelly Beans

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © March 11, 2018



There once was a bunny

Who lived in the country

Where he was free to hop

Until one day he had stopped

A dwarf held a bag of goodies


Whatever lied in the golden sack

Kept the bunny’s sight intact

His fellow rabbits joined the stare

He knew he had to make them aware

That they had to get the bundle back


The bunnies followed the thief

To capture stolen worth to their belief

They arrived at the edge of the farmhouse

Before they were yielded by a mouse

Who said the dwarf hid the sack beneath


The bunny asked what the dwarf stole

The mouse said it was candy, not gold

But the jelly beans were one of a kind

The first manufactured in a factory line

In paradise where few angels were told


But the bunny knew he had to get

The jelly beans before the sunset

Since Sunday morning was tomorrow

And there was no other candy to borrow

Or else Easter would be a day to forget


The bunny spoke to his whisker mates

About the scarecrow at the farm’s gate

He believed the scarecrow could help

Because they couldn’t do it all themselves

And that time was too precious to wait


Then the lead bunny hopped on past

Where the scarecrow’s whistle was a blast

That reminded the hare of warm weather

Where hope for all would get better

That with the jelly beans Easter would last


When the bunny told the scarecrow

Everything the mouse had bestowed

He implied once the sack was brought

Surely the riches would be forever caught

When a gush of perfect wind would blow


The bunny hopped back on the trail

Where his companions hid behind a pail

They then rolled the cursed bucket across

To the dwarf who desired Easter loss

But he tumbled over as his plan failed


The hares entrusted this was no mistake

 But they acted before the spell would break

They dragged the sack under timely wind

That’s when they saw the scarecrow grin

In his hands was an Easter keepsake


The bunnies didn’t quite see the purpose

And why the scarecrow wasn’t nervous

But the bird watcher said he was built

With straw and care, that held no guilt

Because the jelly beans were his service


That the girl who took care of him

Was an angel, who mended his limbs

That not long ago she gave him the sack

And to hide it from a dwarf named Zack

If he ever decided to take it on a whim


There once was a bunny

Who learned life wasn’t funny

That the jelly beans were unique

In a world that longed for peace

Where Easter days were sunny