Where Do My Poems Come From?

By reading all my poems you might ask, where do my ideas come from? Yes, they come from my life experiences, but most of it is lost somewhere in my head. Years ago I would open a thesaurus and pick out a word, then write. That’s how “A Christmas Message,” “Eastertide” “Visualizing A World of Candy” and “A Craftsman’s Genius” came to be. In the last few years I’ve made some trips to the shore. That is how “Sand Castles,” “Under the Stars” and “Sunrise” were written. Some of the others such as “Ellis Island,” “God’s Journal” and “Kaleidoscope” I wrote at my desk at home. I may have missed a few poems, but I am sure there will be more to add. I am still working on this blog, so for now just enjoy reading the poems and there will be more to come. That I promise.