If The World Was Shaped Like A Heart

 Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Published in the Denver Weekly February 13-19 2015

Heart shaped world

Hearts are seen everywhere this Valentine’s Day. A day like this, tells us not to forget those we love. But it also reminds us that hearts are fragile.

Sometimes I wonder about this chaotic planet we live in today. If the world was shaped like a heart it would be broken. But the only way to heal this split heart, is to come together as one. That is to envision love in the most profound places. Just like hearts drawn on beaches they can be washed away. A forest with hearts carved on its trees to be set on fire by a seasonal drought. There are hearts seen in the clouds, only to disappear with climatic change. Then there are the hearts that beat inside of us, the only organ that keeps us going until our time on earth is up.

It was a time ago, when it was thought that the world was flat and then it was round. Today I see the earth as an open heart, waiting to be found, somewhere lost in the mist, where Cupid is the angel, asking for God to grant love for all.