God’s Ambassador

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © December 8, 2018




Auditions for the Nutcracker ballet

Began at the town’s ballroom hall

Choreographed by the first snowfall

Decorated for the seasonal holiday


Enlightened for this grand show

Found the director named Bree

Glamour had it she was heavenly

Her generosity started long ago


Imagination created a village theme

Jam-packed crowds for this folklore

Keen praise for Bree as God’s ambassador

Loyal as ever to her production dream


Magic was Bree’s good intention

Neither critic denounced her stage

Over all its’ splendor was for any age

Preferred the theater’s entire attention


Quite to her peers Bree had a niche

Raising the bar of a mystical place

Soldiers that disappeared with no trace

Toys that were designed to enrich


Unwrapped at the end of this tale

Viewed by all the play’s attendees

Where a halo for Bree was laid for glory

Xmas angel adorned with a veil


Your next encore is in the night sky

Zillion miles up where Bree resides