The River

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © May 30, 2020








Up ahead the river roared

As I struggled to hold the oars


They say the storm was soon approaching

And calm waters were what my heart was hoping


The water had seemed to get rougher

As the strength in my arms got tougher


But the boat did all it could do to keep at bay

And in my mind, I started to pray


But as the river circled around the bend

It seemed as if the rushing waves had come to an end


A beautiful sunlight reflected on the water

And that’s when the need for the oars was no longer


I finally made it to the shore and sighed

As the gushing river seemed to pass me by


There was nothing around me only the bare ground

And the cheers of those I loved, came around


I had finally done what I thought I couldn’t do

And that was sailing a river and surviving it too


But before my eyes the river didn’t frighten me anymore

Instead it flowed wonderfully into the satisfaction of my heart