My Snowflake Wish

Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © December 18, 2016










Through my window on December 25th

I could’ve sworn I saw my snowflake wish


A snowflake or two fell upon the grass

My answered prayers had come at last


But it melted due to the warm air

And as a child I didn’t think it was fair


I then grabbed my coat, hat, and gloves

Because an idea sparked in my head above


That I would be able to make the snow stick

Because up my sleeve I had a clever trick


I then zipped up my snow boots

And grabbed a shovel and bible too


In the backyard was my playhouse

A place that I only knew about


It was where God was present always

And I knew he would be there even today


I didn’t care about presents because I never saw snow

Because I was born and raised in a Southern state below


My parents told me of their childhood in the North

Where figure skating and ice hockey were the sports


Inside all the guests were gather in the great room

Never knowing what their little champ was up to


But when I approached my playhouse, I began to pretend

That I was an elf who would make it snow again and again


Then snowflakes began to circle the air like crystal clear bubbles

And from the looks from my mother I thought I was in trouble


But she came out along with my father, aunt, uncles, and cousins

And we counted the snowflakes, there must’ve been a few dozen


Then the snowflakes began to accumulate in the yard

And that’s when I knew that making magic was not that hard


Everyone was laughing, but hoped that it wouldn’t last the night

Because some of them had leave for they had a long ride


Then after an hour or so the snow had melted into water

I just hoped it would’ve lasted a little longer


Then my mother said that the relatives were ready to leave

And that she left me some cookies and cake to eat


I was still too lost into this incredible dream of mine

Until the day I opened my eyes


It was the day after Christmas when I awoke

My mother told me I was sick, that it was no joke


My family was worried about me because my head was warm

But they believed that God had worked his charm


I told her about the dream that I had about snowflakes

And she said having a heart is all that it takes


That maybe in my sleep I was healed by nature’s gift

And that was the answer to my snowflake wish