A Valentine Date

 Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © January 8, 2015


We are going to the local market today

To pick up the best groceries for our entrée

Filet mignon salted deliciously and potatoes so ripe

Fulfilling two lovers’ intentions and our dieing appetite

We won’t forget the leafy Romaine salad and fresh asparagus

God, I must be in a dream feeling like I’m living in Paris

Remember garlic, lemon pepper, and all those spices

Don’t worry about it being too hot or even the prices

Tonight is the time to mingle for a dazzling romance

Dinner as an art of desire will give a sensual enhance

Dessert, the highlight, is the obscure candy of heaven

Choices made by the best that add up to a total of seven

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate so very creamy, and cherry

White chocolate, caramel so luscious, and coconut so sweet and jelly

Then there are the cinnamon scented candles that dance the room

Roses in dozens of bouquets that are lovely, all in full bloom

Tonight it’s only you and I under a full spontaneous moon