Written by Danielle E. Pasqua

Copyright © December 29, 2014


Take a look through a kaleidoscope

And be amazed by its patterns

As you move it round and round

You will see pictures that only you imagined

These are the colors of the rainbow

A blend of darks and lights in a dance

They separate to the edge of the tube

Then come together with the touch of your hand

I always wondered about the magic

Of some old invention for a child’s toy

But I can’t help but to admit

That even through a kaleidoscope

Even an adult can find joy


Our lives can be seen in many spectrums

Just like a kaleidoscope is meant to do

When we realize every shade that exists

That no matter what challenge awaits us

That we can make it through


Just like a kaleidoscope that entertains a child

It is an object whose puzzle can only make us smile

And though it is outdated to the times today

To me and those I know, its truth will always stay in style